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Product DetailsThe fastest way to finish the Great Commission task is to start work in all the remaining unreached peoples of the world beginning with prayer. We can't do everything but we can pray and have faith for everything even though we only pray brief prayers outlining the areas of need!

2010 Edition of Operation World Book CD and DVD and PDF available at  A shortened version of Operation World has come out in 2015. Get it at Amazon. Print and Kindle versions. Pray for the World.


Want a healthy, growing church? Then get into prayer, media and mercy ministries! Then watch and pray for the needs both in evangelism and humanitarian aid. 

Evangelism, Aid, Prayer for Unreached Peoples.."Preach the Gospel, Heal the sick, Cast out demons"- Jesus.


Here is a list of large Pray For the World Sites. Some have E Mail news letters which you can sign up for.

World Prayer site Has emergency section in line with the News.

Suberb 1040Window site the 161 most unreached groups with 1 page to each.  The map of these peoples is at

Mini Missions Whole World  UK site   also  try and

Joshua 2 has a wonderful site

WEC International has a new Prayer Guide Worldwide Extra

PrayWay has excellent 1 page guides to each people group in a country Impressive reminder of the unreached in South Asia,

Bible Translation Broadcasting Literature Distribution Humanitarian Aid Outreach Teams.. Start Evangelism in your Church with a good Sunday School  program!

Humanitarian Aid problems.. Dirty Water Malaria TB Aids Floods and Earthquakes Famine War Oppression of Minorities.. Start in your Church by responding to an appeal for Aid! Including the Persecuted Church! QUICK REVIEW OF EVERY COUNTRY

Powerpoints of the unfinished task

Podcast videos See also you tube's offerings also available as a daily e mail. Seen also on Welcome to Etnopedia Ethnic Profiles WEC International's Pray for the World Site also The old Bethany Prayer Profiles from 1999 are here.The updated versions are incorporated into Joshua Project Net. has the 10/40 Window achives see Collections and AD2000. Includes the Gateway Cities of the 10/40 window Prayer Guide.

Window International Network has every October a Prayer Guide for the 62 10/40 Window Countries International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church GLOBAL CONNECTIONS another project targeting unreached people groups and languages

More groups Large number of Prayer guides for East Asia Muslim World. Also available as daily download during Ramadan. Pray for 50 unengaged Muslim Groups   Check Get Involved>Quarterly Prayer Guide Part of


Heaven's agenda should be ours USCWM's  coming projects in 2014

Read Mission Frontiers Issue 35.4  God Is Doing Something Historic



The Paperboy Com Many of the World's Newspaper Websites Also


Global Connections  Global Connections World Prayer The First Mission Society going back to William Carey. 

Mission Frontiers  Available in Print and On Line. Good Easy Read Journal

Brigada  Absolute Must Read Missions Journal On Line and as E mail

Global Prayer Digest . Monthly easy read Prayer Journal. print and On Line. Each month a different country or area.

International Journal of  Frontier Missions . As Print and On Line Technical but quite easy read.


News sources.  

Also Operation China and Peoples of the Buddhist World [] and Megapeoples of India

William Carey Library http:/ Mission Books Galore!

YWAM Bookshop Pray Through the Window.

Mission Network News.

Southern Baptists have a daily prayer list for selected countries. includes TOP 10 LINKS, many of which are listed here.

Peoples on the Move. Nomadic Peoples of the World. William Carey library. See also nomadic peoples ministry group on  WEC Intl briefing Nomads is a short version of the book Peoples on the Move. Peoples on the Move and Seafarers a Forgotten People [2003]. Both available in UK from as Seafarers-A Strategic Missionary Vision. WEC Briefings

Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism's essays and mission links to info on really unreached peoples is well worth a browse.

World Evangelical Fellowship. Home Page leads to list of member Associations and related sites  and [International Day Of Prayer for the Persecuted Church]. The member organisation World Mission Centre [South Africa] is reconstructing at There are lists of unreached people  Associated sites




Persecution of the Church

Bible Translation / Literature Distribution/ Audio Materials/ Literacy

Radio and TV Broadcasting

Displaced people: Street Kids or Orphans Famine or Disaster War or Refugees People Trafficking

Community Development: Cities/Slums Severe Poverty Medical Needs



  1. Our divine weapons for the pulling down of strongholds.

2 Cor 10.4- Faith, Prayer and Humility.

  1. In Jesus' Name = with His authority delegated to us.
  2. Pray to the Lord of the harvest [ Mt 9, Lk 10]- To provide workers, support, intercessors.  
  3. Check out the Scriptures on prayer for Missions  Ephesians 6 Colossians 4  2Thessalonians 3  Matthew 9 John 17  2 Corinthians 1


Suggested mags for your prayer table......also consider an internet connection

Billions [East Asia] and Asia link  Christian Radio Mags from Persecuted Church Mags from   Muslims Bible Translation Language Recordings Evangelism Various Also an excellent USA Mag Global Prayer Digest  And the Pray for the World book. Make the room nice, like a sitting room in a house not a bare hall, and use it often!!! Then let the prayer lead to action...both here and overseas. Get a vision of what's to do

IMB Prayerline  suggested praying from this outline: SHAPE  S-Strongholds to be broken H-Hearts to be opened A-Accessibility P-People of Peace E- Established Church in each village

Pray 4 Tunisia has How to Start A Prayer Network


Personal-Prayer, Faith and Thanksgiving,The Bible and Obedience.


Personal life: Continuing in Repentance and Faith guided by the Bible

Praise: Thanksgiving to God

The Group-Preaching the Word, Breaking Bread, Fellowship, Prayers.

The Group's Outreach- Preach the Gospel, Heal the Sick, Cast out Demons.



Regular prayer for the area to be reached. For schools, housing estates, etc within it. Prayer walking creates interest in praying for the area.

Bible reading leads to trust in God and obedience to God.

Local research creates interest in evangelism.


By literature distribution- seed sowing, so give out lots.

Leaflet houses with evangelistic tract.

Jesus video project.

Prayer evangelism- going door to door offering to pray at the church for a problem the family has.

Bookstalls displaying cheap booklets and children's materials.


Church based outreaches- people meeting people.

Sunday school, adult groups, special events.

Relevant outreaches to e.g. young mothers, elderly.

Follow-up with course e.g. Alpha, house group, tapes of services.


For the Church in the UK to repent of lack of love [lack of concern].

For the churches of the town.

For adults- well to do areas. Materialism, indifference to God are problems as well as more obvious sins.

For adults-poor areas. Lots of problems. Poverty leading to poor health and child neglect along with the sins of dishonesty, immorality, drunkenness, slander or violence, and dabbling in the occult.

For children- in all areas they are exposed to temptation to drink, take drugs, steal, have sex, dabble in the occult.

Pray for a school or schools in your town.

The demonic. Pray against the powers that keep people away from God. Jesus is the One Who has the power to break this hold among the poor, the well off and in the Church.

Pray for Christian workers and pastors.

Pray for the Government- To respect God, To follow humane social and aid policies.

Pray for people and families you know.

Do a prayer walk with people from several churches.  


Help with language-understanding forms, filling in things. [Some will have partial understanding of English and we can help.]

Teaching English, directly or via Web

Inviting them to the Jesus film, Bible studies on topical subjects e.g. marriage.

Giving Gospels, NTs or even Bibles, or CDs of the Bible or Web addresses for downloading Bibles print or audio.


Praying for missionaries known to you.

Missionaries of your own church and countries where they are working


Praying for countries.

Muslim World

Hindu World

Buddhist World

Chinese World

Animist World

Secular World [Superficially Christian Countries]

Pray for Media and Mercy outreaches in each world   You can do it, because prayer opens doors! You don't have to do it all yourselves! God can send others to where you have prayed!  


Praying for an adopted people group. Each unreached group needs a team of intercessors. Fraser [Lisu people in China] had only 9 people and vast numbers became Christians.


I believe that a very powerful way to advance Christianity is to perform mercy ministries such as detoxication for drug abusers, elementary health care, water purification, literacy, agricultural and other low-tech aid including micro loans, and that these combined with prayer for the target audience and provision of Christian literature or cassette tapes will go a long way to overcome the prejudice against Christianity that so often results from bad experiences.

We have three groups, the very poor [both the destitute and the abused whose cry reaches God, and we owe it to God to answer on His behalf], persecuted Christians [to whom we have a compelling duty], and those prejudiced against Christianity because of past abuses [We owe it to God and to them to remove the disgrace God's name has suffered]. Humanitarian outreach goes hand in hand with the preaching part of outreach- Bible translation and distribution via various media, and church planting.

There is increasingly the need for emergency aid for disasters, and the Christian and secular aid agencies are now coordinating their efforts as can be seen in the newspaper advertisements. It is the longer term aid that I have in mind here.

One approach is that church groups choose one country and support aid ministries together with preaching ministries-Bible translation and the various modes of distribution of the Gospel message, and pray for the country.


To give joy to God in seeing lost people saved and destitute and oppressed people relieved. To bring glory to God through the thanksgiving of these people who have received help from Christians. The Lord delights in mercy and justice. Media ministries hold out God's mercy via the Gospel and mercy ministries [humanitarian aid] hold out God's justice [a fair deal] for all.

Development Aid

From the resources I have compiled it should be possible to build up a picture of where the many opportunities are in Africa and Asia for water purification, basic healthcare, agricultural and low-tech advice, and literacy improvement. This can be combined with prayer for the unreached people groups and combined with supporting organisations like Wycliffe Bible Translators, Language Recordings Intl and Every Home Crusade in their efforts to reach those groups.

The Persecuted and abused.

General Human Rights organisations include the well known Amnesty International. There are several Christian organisations specialising in helping persecuted Christians in Muslim and Communist countries, Three examples include Open Doors with Brother Andrew, Christian Solidarity International, and Barnabas Fund. Obtaining their magazines would give the basis for a prayer and support group for persecuted Christians world wide.Then there are abused people of all faiths,and children.

Drug Detox.  

It is granted by all that detox is not enough, that boredem, bad memories, and peer pressure will result in relapse. This is where faith in Jesus is offered as a Way of Life. It hardly needs to be said that healing emotional damage is a stepwise rebuild, with many stumbles along the Way! Mentoring by people who are further on is very helpful. Harsh criticism inhibits improvement, while constructive criticism with pointing out of mistakes that have been made and how to avoid them is helpful. Direction, not disapproval is what is needed.  

Children Worldwide.

Here is a great opportunity for Christian  women to express their mothering instinct. get a copy of WEC International's Briefing Children and see how they can help. .Helping women around the world struggling with all sorts of problems, too.


Have confidence in the Bible, the Book God has provided and approved as the official textbook of the Faith.

Example GENESIS 1-11.. Why was this particular selection, for brief selection it is, given to the original readers? To counter the current polytheistic [Hinduistic] world view. Forget worrying about evolution. You can have your cake and eat it- Genesis 1 talks about Let the Earth bring forth.. which if you want it would accommodate evolution! Genesis 2-3 lays down essential moral truths, including the first of many remarkable prophecies about the coming of a Redeemer of mankind. Genesis 4-11 is God’s opinion of early civilisation which is considered to have started in the Middle East.

Example THE PROPHETS..Contain many prophecies about cities and nations in the Middle East which have been fulfilled, also many prophecies of the coming of a Divine Person, a Suffering Servant and a Conquering King, fulfilled in Jesus Who is to come again as Conquering King, of which time other prophecies await fulfilment. Only the Bible prophecies are consistently accurate. Also, by the way, many historical references in the prophets have mentions in the annals of the surrounding nations of the time.

Example THE GOSPELS.. The Gospels pass with flying colours all the tests used by lawyers to authenticate historical documents. The evidence is compelling, indeed overwhelming, that they are accurate accounts. The Gospels clearly present a Person whose claims, character and miraculous power indicate His deity as the Second Person of the Tri-Une God..This is the Rock on which Jesus would build His Church- His divine Personhood..The Church is the container for it’s awesome product, the New Testament,  containing this Good News about Jesus, God’s Son.

The Nature of God

Only the Bible declares that we are made in the IMAGE of God, which means that He is sufficiently like us for real, person to person interaction to occur.

God is a plural Person- a Tri-Une God,  three Persons existing in perfect harmony with each other and capable of will, understanding and emotion. Yet always by Jew and Christian viewed as One God.

The character of God- His awesome Holiness, His insistence on moral perfection together with His perfect love- a love so perfect that He gave His own life to buy forgiveness for our sins places the God of the Bible above anything else on Earth.

Right from the start the Church has called us to repent towards God, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and to receive the Holy Spirit.

The Gospel. God’s way to be righteous [Right with God].

God declares that we are incapable of meeting His requirement to love God and to love our neighbour by ourselves, that we fall far short.

So God declares a new way to be right with God. If we surrender to God from our rebellion against and independence from Him and trust in Jesus His Son for forgiveness which is available because He died to pay for the sins of the whole world. His death was effective to pay for the whole world’s sins because of Who He is- the sinless Son of God- God Himself! We then must continue in this righteousness through continuing to trust in Jesus. Being saved is a constant continuing process of re-repenting and continuing to trust for continuing cleansing, all through the work of God’s Spirit who indwells us to help us..only the Bible says this amazing thing, that God actually indwells us..let us awake and repent of our slowness to believe


Instability economic and social

Unrest countries clashing local wars

Climate and overpopulation driven problems floods famines pollution/loss of resources earthquakes more destructive due to larger denser population

Moral decline worldwide Widespread economic problems

Persecution of Christians and abuse of minorities

Finally Gospel preached to all nations Invasion of Middle East [major war] Possibly strange astronomical phenomena

THE END The Lord Jesus returns in power and glory to judge and rule      Luke 21, Zechariah










UK Evangelism Materials and Evidences.Events,Church lists,Prayer lines.

UK Minority Languages

Europe Eastern Europe Americas Australasia



Alpha. An outstanding series of books, Bible study manuals, tapes and a booklet tract Why Jesus?

Agape. Complete outreach package with the Jesus Video Project. Outstanding series of materials. Includes the Knowing God Personally booklet. Jesus Video Project.

The Scottish Bible Society has an attractive illustrated Gospel of Luke at

SGM Lifewords has a variety of Scripture Selections, various languages

Contact for Christ. Good list of tracts and booklets for evangelism. The Good Book Company.Similar to DeoGloria.  Christian Publishing and Outreach Ltd has booklets tracts and posters [USA]

Good older stuff which I have not seen for years  includes apologetic tracts like Evidence for the Resurrection by Norman Anderson and The Verdict is Yours by Val Grieve

The USA organisation    does a cartoon short New Testament both in print and as a CD. The Jesus Film, however is now available on line.

Scripture Union

UCB has great stuff includes Word For Today

Excellent Evangelism/Christian life book of Words from Jesus given in prayer to Fr John Wooley I Am With You is available from

I Am With You Fellowship

Here's Life tracts Australia several languages

Campus Crusade tract booklets


About the best is Father's Love Letter

Looking for God com  UCB's site [United Christian Broadcasters]


Download from pdf Why Believe in Jesus > Why

WHY Believe in Jesus  second version with web addresses  Why 2

Good News For Children

Billy Graham Peace With God

Why Believe in Jesus Essay down load from pdf >   essay

Four Steps to Friendship with God download from pdf> Four

A Bible Verse Selection [Follow on from Four Steps to friendship with God]> Selection

A Selection from the OT and the NT download from pdf> Selection

Why Young People Take Drugs download from pdf> Drugs

Getting off Drugs is not just Detox download from pdf> Detox

Young People and Sex download from pdf> Young 

Is Jesus The Jewish Messiah? download form pdf>  Messiah

Jesus' Deity Tract download from pdf> Jesus  also see Has the 4,000 languages of as videos downloadable in English and any other of the 4,000 languages [request download from e mail address given]

Excellent mostly downloadable booklet tracts: Good News, cartoon tract edition of Agape's Knowing God personally from Good News Comic Book and Glove also Also see and See also for adult version. They can be downloaded. Another similar organisation Evangelism Explosion has a booklet tract that also can be downloaded.  Other brilliant booklet tracts include Journey Into Life and Why Jesus [Kingsway] Scripture Union has boos for childrenklet tract  Shop, Resources

More downloadable booklet tracts: Two Ways to Live Thanks toDurham University CU and University of Warwick CU for this item. Flash Media tract at Thanks to Suffolk College CU for this item. Also another version of the Four Spiritual Laws at Thanks to Reading University CU for this. Billy Graham has Peace with God available at  Another version of Peace With God tract with bigger illustrations and audio is at

Also Knowing God Personally PDF

Booklet tracts from

The Evangecube, an illustrated 8 block presentation of the material in Knowing God Personally [Agape]. Also downloadable presentations from the site. The flash viewers are available from Microsoft's site. Cartoon strip Gospels are available at last currently in 18 languages and soon to be downloadable. Thanks to Web Evangelism for drawing my attention to these.

 More sites Has CD evangelism section. A really interesting list of resources.

Campus Crusade has a site with masses of evangelism materials at

Web Evangelism.

Coming  eventually from Book of Hope-animated cartoon version of their Book of Hope-The Life of Jesus from the Gospels. Have picture strips of NT selections in many languages..check Audio Visual Materials

More stuff on and have a look at also check Web Evangelism Guide [Soon Ministries]. Downloadable

Here are Illustrated on line tracts using Christian Clip Art. Both for general use and for use with drug abusers.

Jesus Film available on line

The Seed Company have and Has sections on social issues and videos and

C of E has produced  Cartoon style Christmas Story.  Audio items for use in evangelism   United Christian Broadcasters materials

UCBs Looking For God Com is available in many European Languages

Campus Crusade has a site with masses of evangelism materials at

The Glory Story Cartoon Strip Chronological Bible

OnLine Bible

Easy Bibles [Included for info] Has good Gospel material

The Hope video Bible Various Languages

Christian Comics International

Gospel Comics has in several languages He Lived Among Us [New Testament] Download the English unzip and click on the index file  [2 choices of index are given one for MS Word one for slideshow version]

INTERNET EVANGELISM and use of social websites and mobile phones

Mobile Ministry  2 files   file1    file 2  from WEC Intl and IMB





An excellent series of evidences booklets-10 reasons to believe- also available on line from Radio School of the Bible Select Resources

EVIDENCES  E.G. [RESOURCES for 10 Reasons To Believe] One of many sites with historical evidence of the reliability of the Gospel Story              

Have a look at the excellent article on the evidence for the Resurrection  at [Resurrection]. Another essay World Religions Index compares religions Has some essays on historical evidence that Bible is a reliable document. As pdf.. evidences

Early Christian writings available at [Internet Christian Literature].

Easy read Bible Prophecy and fulfilments site very good site.  Very good commentaries with historical and archaeological correlations with the Bible text.

DVD of Jesus Film with additional apologetic material at [Seen on Web Evangelism Bulletin]. Also seen on Web Evangelism Bulletin, there is a new film about Jesus and 4 supporting websites

Tyndale House has The Authentic Gospels and Bible and Church DVDs. Also there is The Jesus Accounts

Also Case of Empty Tomb PDF World Religions Compared Easter: Myth Hallucination or History  RT France Gospels as Sources of Truth Contemporary Scholarship and Evidence for the Resurrection Scroll down for History links Includes Insight's Archaeology Handbook Ten Key Finds and Why They Matter  The Book of Acts and Archaeology  Craig H Hawkins Scroll down for The New Testament Documents-Are They Reliable FF Bruce  Early Christian Writings available on line  10 Reasons to Believe- Select Drop Down Menu Bible Study Historical has been spelt historial Obvious apologetic value.  Criticises various religious movements Criticises various religious movements


Another interesting UK site with both evangelistic booklets and material critiquing other religions and atheism is  Christian Medical Fellowship

UCCF has a good new site with well honed arguments at The Uncover book is not needed to understand the site.

Lee Strobel has written a series of books defending the Christian faith, the latest being The Case For The Real Jesus. There is a list of web sites at the end of Case For The Real Jesus which I list here.

New Evidence that Demands a Verdict book is available

More Evidences sites are Interdisciplinary Biblical research Institute, Access Research Network  and PROBE also Members believe the earth is very old, but are wary of evolution. International Society for Complexity Information and Design Another interesting site on cosmology Reasons To Believe Another site on Intelligent Design is noticed it while checking a new video on Intelligent Design showing the biochemistry of the cell at . Another site also  There is some criticism of some of the Intelligent Design idea and of its organisations but I think the idea is sound and is a credible theory. has aimed at getting materials into schools. This 500 page book published 2009 updates the Intelligent Design argument.

Excellent site on Biochemistry Genetics and ID

Christians in Science [UK] and American Scientific Affiliation [USA] 2 sites whose members include Christians who think evolution has occurred.

Young Earth creationists believe the earth is only a few thousand years old. Their sites contain a lot of interesting stuff even if you don't think the Earth is that young! They include Answers in Genesis [Aust], Institute for Creation Research [USA] Creation Science Movement [UK] .Another site which has a mix of creation stuff and Bible archaeology is Also there is another interesting site at  Another small Bible Archaeology site with background material to the New Testament is at

Biblical Archaeology. A really interesting magazine is Biblical Archaeology Review.

Another interesting Biblical Archaeology magazine is Bible And Spade


The Jesus Film [Luke] is available on line as well as a dvd.

Junior version of Agape's Jesus film see

So, Who is this Jesus?-a CTA production, in association with Deo Gloria Trust.

A new evangelism site. Father's Love Letter, scripture with pictures and background music, both as a download and a video. We should be able to make our own videos. We could loan them with a blank tape as the deposit.


Prayer networks.

Network-ea Greater Manchester  with Evangelical Alliance

Message Manchester area  EA's Churches Together list . EA linked churches and organisations

Social Evangelism outreach See also 

Social Issues in evangelism..   Care For The Family


Also there is the Women's Day of Prayer, Women's Aglow and Full Gospel Business Men's Christian Fellowship


World Mission Press [USA]. Series of Scripture booklets, many languages. Can be read on line.

Jesus film now available on line. .

For foreign language evangelism materials- Try OM, Christian Literature Crusade, Kitab ,Scripture Gift Mission, Bible Societies, Missions with work in the country where language is spoken. Also Set up to provide Bibles and other books for Asylum seekers and others. SGM now has selections for asylum seekers. has a good selection in many languages including Urdu.

Masihi Isha'at Khana in Lahore has lots in English and Urdu. List available from mailto:[email protected] web

Interserve is about Asian Christians in UK as well as working in South Asia. . Connected with Kitab. And Urban Vision.

Crosslinks is another UK organisation interested in Asians.

Applied Biblical Christanity holds meetings for Muslims and Christians to discuss beliefs also downloadable tract list

South Asian Concern

Antioch Project UK

South Asian Forum

OM Luke is now Lifehope 

Materials for Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists.

Into The Light  ;Muslims-; Call of Hope has on line life of Christ. Check Literature. Also there is ,  , also Sultan Paul's essay ; There is also The 4 Spiritual Laws in many languages. Has The Life of Christ  also has site in French





INTEGRITY OF THE BIBLE ACCORDING TO THE KORAN AND THE HADITH Copied with thanks from Fellowship Of Faith for the Muslims Toronto Canada.

An academic site about Islam for Christians Also  and and Tracts

Gospel For Muslims [USA] is a USA site the book will be of interest to UK Christians

CMF has a series Isa Masih

Campus Crusade has a site with masses of evangelism materials at

Jesus Film is available as dvd in many languages  at

The Asian Ministries Conference in July 2000 produced Belonging Believing Behaving, an account of British Asian Discipleship in the 21st century. Available from Kitap. Contains resource addresses. Also check the UK Christian Handbook on line for African , South and East Asian groups.

Urdu Christian literature from KITAB  also from MIK in Lahore

Urdu and South Asian languages [Internet Radio South Asian Languages]

Evangelism sites for Urdu  Bangla and Gujarati speakers

Site comparing Bible and Koran with notes

Easy English Bible

Easy Bible  10 reasons to believe

Crescent Project [USA]

The CAMEL method of presenting the Gospel to Muslims  UK purchasers of the materials will need to send an e mail as the web site only accepts USA and Canadian addresses.

For overseas Chinese there is the Chinese Overseas Christian Mission . .Also Chinese Christian Internet Mission [USA].

Chinese Bible with notes is on

Vietnamese Christian Resource Center [USA] . South East Asian Languages Masses of materials

For Buddhists From Buddha to Jesus

For Turkish speakers [TV]

Turkish Outreach Sources

For Arabic speakers seen on DCI World Christians News. And Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry [USA] . Full of interest. Also Arabic and English versions of and [Arabic] [Farsi] also Arabic/Farsi TV Has FEBAs broadcasts in Arabic  WEBTV has an Asian Channel

In UK Asian Books at South Asian Concern mailto:[email protected] has many Hindu materials. They also have a web site

No Frontiers Shop at

Iranian Christians [USA] at An impressive site. Browse it. Also for Persian Christian Literature. Farsi TV [Roz-e-Nejat Day of salvation] USA Ministry Iran


 AfghanSearch Com  includes and see also  and or [Kitaabe Moghaddas in Dari/Farsi]  Afghan Christian Calendar TWR INDIAN LANGUAGES Have illustrated NT selections in many languages. Check Audio Visual materials. [Stranger on the Road to Emmaus].

Missions to Jewish people in Britain include Jews for Jesus and Focus on Israel[Site currently reconstucting.] Focus on Israel has weekly news about Israel. An interesting organisation is Yeshua Ministries and Conferences, 12 Salcombe Gardens, London NW7 2NT.   Another news magazine is at .

By the way, Jewish believers in Jesus who attend churches are termed Hebrew Christians. Those who attend synagogues are termed Messianic Jews.

Bible in Your Language, all formats, Also Audio Bibles

Litebible com a searchable online Bible in all Indian languages can show 2 languages at a time line by line suitable for learning English 

Also the Easy English New Testament is available on line from SOON Ministries  50 Languages [read on line]

Gospel Messages on line and on cassette, many languages

Wycliffe has easy English Bible commentaries .A link from this site leads to Teach Yourself English using the Bible .

WORLD BIBLES  Over 4000 Languages

The Jesus Film is now on line, many languages. Has the 4,000 languages of as videos downloadable in English and any other of the 4,000 languages [request download from e mail address given]

Gospel Comics has in several languages He Lived Among Us [New Testament] Downloadable

SOON does an easy English A4 news sheet for evangelism overseas. Also available in French as Bientot, mainly for use in West Africa. Good News [Mark and Luke] and Bibles page

Also and Urban Vision [Interserve]  For interest two USA organisations Has materials for Asian families

Calendars in Asian languages from Kitab  and Word of Life  Also from Trinitarian Bible Society

A New Creation Theory  download pdf>    New

Readings From the Bible and the Koran download pdf>  Readings

What the Koran says about the Bible download pdf>  Koran and Bible

Isa in the Koran and Bible download pdf>  Isa in Koran and Bible

The Lord Jesus Word of God made Flesh download pdf>  Word made Flesh


Worst place in Europe for Christians - Chechnya

GEM has this new site


Do Virtual Prayer Walks of the Countries of Europe, including Turkey and North Africa with

OM have Europe:Restoring Hope  this book has hundreds of internet links too many to show here. Worth getting.

Refugees from Africa and West Asia [boat people]  Most arrive in Italy

Evangelism in Europe. France Mission Operation Mobilisation [Worldwide outreach]. The European Mission Congress [Holland] They intend to compile a web site of European mission organisations. European Christian Mission Slavic Gospel Association 37a The Goffs Eastbourne BN21 1HF. and Eurovangelism  Eurovision Europe Mission Currently GEM has Europe Prayer Guide on their site. Also  France Prayer Guide here. Agape [Campus Crusade in USA] has a site Agape Europe . There are interesting evangelism organisations based in Europe directed towards Western Europe, Eastern Europe [Literature, Radio, Aid] and Muslims both in Europe and nearby Muslim countries. The European Mission Congress intend to list them on their site. They display at the congresses, and will I expect soon be available on line via the site. There are handbooks available for Europe including the former USSR. Check  the Billy Graham Centre

Europe Prayer Guide. Light or Darkness over Europe. John Mulinde Pillars of Fire Trust PO Box 2027, West street, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 1EF. T/F 01323 492306. Also from CLC Bookshops. A short 40 page warning of terrible darkness and anti-God attitudes coming in Europe and calling to British Christians to form prayer networks to pray for towns and cities in Britain, to pray for the reawakening of evangelistic and missionary endeavour, to Britain, Europe and the world.

The 40/70 Window is Europe and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Russia and Mongolia. Where the 40/70 window is. Map below is from their site. Great site. Worth a long browse.


IMB's Todays Prayer Newsletter has links to Europe Prayer sites   and European Peoples. Includes

Europe Congress

European Evangelical Alliance

Hope For Europe 

IMB Europe is at Europe Prayer guide at

Global Prayer Digest Aug 2009  Muslims in W Europe  April 2012- Muslims in UK



Pray for the traumatised Muslims of this area that God's Spirit will prepare their hearts to understand and believe the Good News and that suitable radio and TV programs will become available.

Smile International in Albania and Kosova

Novi Most in Bosnia

LRI UK recently visited Kosova [2008] and 30 Days Has mentioned the Kosovo Prayer Assembly [KPEK Alliance of Protestant Churches in Kosovo]  also Kosovo protestant Evangelical Church

IMB []   Also more Central and Eastern Europe on their site. The sites tend however to disappear!  Include  Albania and Kosova  Albania Kosova

Christian Radio and TV initiatives in the Balkans



Check Operation World Book or CD Russia, also Steve Huffman's Europe Map

Zoomable map of Peoples of the Soviet Union

Zoomable Caucasus map of Ethnic Groups  Click on size desired then on the map to zoom it.

More maps at Click on library,region/continent for materials including maps. Russian Minorities Russian Christian Radio Belarus Mission

SOAR International Ministries

Russian Ministries is the USA counterpart of SGA Slavic Gospel Association

Dagestan Guide from Korea-American Centre for World Mission

mailto:[email protected]

Global Prayer Digest March 2009 is on Russia's War-Weary Muslims

Global Prayer Digest March 2011  Shamanists in Russia

Global Prayer Digest March 2010 is on the Caucasus

Global Prayer Digest March-April 2012 is on Muslims in Europe

Global Prayer Digest March 2013  is on Moscow's Minority Groups

Global Prayer Digest March 2014 is on North Caucasus

Some Russia Ethnic Group Sites

There is an internet TV RUSSIA TODAY

Institute For Bible Translation translates the Bible for the Peoples of Russia and the former Soviet Union

Caucasus Map>  MAP

Unreached Peoples in Russia include

Peoples in the far North [Shamanists]

Peoples of the Caucasus  Circassions [Cherkess]  Peoples of Dagestan Chechnya Abkhazia [Muslim]

Buddhist Peoples in Kalmykia and the Buryats North of Mongolia the Tuva North West of Mongolia  Khakasiya and the Khakass people

Bashkoristan Tatarstan The Bashkir and Tatars [Muslim]

To look at the many large and small unreached groups in Eastern Europe and Russia check: Welcome to Etnopedia Ethnic Profiles  Loads of Maps

Zoomable Caucasus map of Ethnic Groups  Click on size desired then on the map to zoom it. Good for up to date reviews of Humanitarian Aid and abuse situations


Pray for the millions living in slum conditions that God's Spirit will prepare their hearts to understand and believe the Good News.

Wycliffe, New Tribes Mission and Unevangelised Fields Mission all work in South America and do Bible translation for tribal languages. Others include Latin Link ,Latin America Mission [USA] and South American Missionary Society [Anglican] three have excellent country profiles and info about cities. Interesting Urban Mission Site at .  An interesting New Zealand organisation mentions the organisation Chief which is targeting the North American Indians as well as South America, with a review of the North American Indians  at .[Click News then Sleeping Giant].

IMB's Newsletter Today's Prayer has a lot of South America stuff. IMB  focussed on South America in 2008.

IMB's site includes Caribbean and North American Peoples

Ethnic Groups of South America

Audio Scriptures in South American and North American Tribal Languages


THERE ARE COMPLETELY UNCONTACTED TRIBES IN THE AMAZON A new prayer focus! has in their August 2012 Newsletter  HOPE on the Amazon.

Global Prayer digest May 2010- Unreached peoples in Brazil

NORTH AMERICA Missions to N American Indians.

To look at the  unreached groups in Americas And Australasia check: Welcome to Etnopedia Ethnic Profiles Loads of Maps Good for up to date reviews of Humanitarian Aid and abuse situations


General Map From

For maps see the Steve Huffman series of zoomable PDFs of Africa and Asia at There is a stunning Africa map here.

Zoomable  Ethnolinguistic Map of Peoples of Africa

Wikipedia Ethnic Groups

For individual countries Has detailed ethnic maps of most but not all countries. World Atlas of Language Structures. Not complete list. Also

More maps at Click on library,region/continent for materials including maps.

Selected Africa Resources http://www-sul.stanford.edeu/depts/ssrg/africa

AFRICA Loads of Maps

Another Ethnic Groups In Africa Map

Ethnic Groups In Africa

Ethnic Groups In Africa By Country

Conflict Areas In Africa

North Africa [Arabic]

Sahel West Africa [French] and Sahel East Africa [English]

Southern Africa



These organisations have prayer guides for Muslims in  North Africa and other areas as well

Fellowship of Faith for the Muslims  [FFM's branch in Canada is] They have a monthly Prayer Bulletin

30 Days' Prayer for the Muslim World is at   

Many radio programs in Arabic and other African Muslim languages are available from TWR FEBA and HCJB Also from Middle East Reformed Fellowship

Christian TV programs in Arabic from Sat 7 Trust

Gospel Missionary Union [USA] ,

Harvest North Africa is at  

Arab World ministries  Now

Frontiers   USA site is Trips to North Africa

Global Prayer Digest Jan 2014   North West Africa   December 2010, 2011. Dec 2013- Arab World



Pray for the Church in Egypt which is under constant pressure. Pray for the millions in the slums of Cairo and Alexandria that God's Spirit will prepare their hearts to understand and believe the Good News

Middle East Christian Outreach, Middle East Media [literature outreach]

Pray for Alexandria  

Minorities include the Sahara Berbers the Nubians along the Nile and the Beja on the Red Sea Coast also in nearby Sudan


Global Prayer Digest November 2001 was on Libya. This journal is available back to 1999  from this site.


52 Weeks of Prayer for Morocco and Its Peoples  USA Mission part of

People groups include the three Berber groups and the Saharawi


Arab World Ministries.

People groups include Berbers including the Djerba island Berbers.


People groups include the Kabyle Berbers and Shawiya and Shilha Berbers, the Tuareg and the Mzab oasis towns in the Sahara.

Global Prayer Digest Dec 2012 is on Algeria


People groups include desert nomads and the Senegal river valley peoples- Tululor Fulbe Soninke Bambara and Wolof, all living also in Senegal. MAURITANIA

To look at the  large and small unreached groups in North Africa check: Loads of Maps Good for up to date reviews of Humanitarian Aid and abuse situations Excellent articles on all Muslim countries and some cities  Some Months dedicated to one country



Pray for African Christians to go to the many remaining unreached groups in West Africa and that God's Spirit will prepare the hearts of the peoples to understand and believe the Good News. Some translation in in the Bible Storying format, a chronological selection of Bible portions from Genesis to Revelation. Pray for continued translation efforts in West Africa and also for the continued development of local Christian radio broadcasting.

Organisations include SIM-AEF , AIM  Action Partners WEC Intl [Formerly Action Partners] Also AIM Europe

Check the IMB sites

and which is an excellent IMB site. IMB has links to various African Unreached Peoples sites. However they frequently cease to exist!

Look at the Go West Africa Engaged List  and at the Unengaged List  All of them have a little map and profile. A Ministry of Africa Inland Mission Lists Unreached Peoples

Global Prayer Digest Jan 2014, Jan-Feb 2013  East Africa   February 2010- W Africa  February 2009- W Africa   January 2011- Horn of Africa [Darfur is also listed Jan 2011 u will have to check on the web site]  February 2011- Malinke Peoples  February 2011- Fulbe Peoples [again u will have to check the web site]

The above map is from the print prayer guide available from The Maninka [11] are called Malinke in Mali Senegal and Cote d'Ivoire and Mandingoes in Sierra Leone and Liberia. The Goemai are the only non Muslim group shown on the map. The Fulani have different names in different countries. Not shown on the map are the Fulani  of south Mauritania called Pulaar. They in Senegal include the Tukulor and in Guinea are also called the Futa Jalon.

Global Prayer Digest Feb 2010 is on West Africa  Fulbe Peoples Feb 2011

Christian Aid Mission  has hosted the 2013 Ghana Global Missions Consultation  Reaching The Final Frontiers in Africa



Fula [Also Peul Toucouleur Fulbe Halpulaar]



Mandinka [Include Mandinka Jahanka Bambara Kassonke Susu]

Smaller Peoples on southern border

Mauritanian Maures are present along Senegal River


Senegal Ethnic Groups WITH MAP


Same Peoples as Senegal


Gambia Ethnic Groups Guide at



Fulbe [Futa Jalon] including Wassulunke


Mandeni, Tukulor, Jakanke, Fulacunda


Guinea Ethnic Groups


Fulbe and Maninka are the main Muslim groups to the North East of the country. Include  Beafada Susu Nalu Sarakole Jakanka Pajadinka Badyara.


Guinea-Bissau Ethnic Groups







Fulbe, Susu, Malinke Vai [Muslim]

North Kissi Klao Bom


Sierra Leone Ethnic Groups





Dewoin, Gola, Gbandi Krahn Grebo [Traditional Religions]


Ethnic Groups Liberia



Fulbe Fulanke Kasonke



Dogon [Traditional Religions]

Also Maure Jalunke Kagoro Tukulor Wolof Bozo Gana Duun Maninka Marka Jotoni Soninke


Mali Ethnic Groups

COTE D'IVOIREôte_d'Ivoire

Malinke Fulbe Jula of North West [Muslim]

Birifor Teen Mona Wan Yaoure Kouya Mahou Toura Dida Bete

Many small languages in the South


Ethnic Groups Cote D'Ivoire'Ivoire/


Islamic Peoples in the North  Gonja Dagomba Kotokoli Wali Fulbe

Traditional Peoples in the North 30+ small groups Birifor Konkomba Nchumburu

Traditional Peoples adjoining Burkina Faso Sisaala Kasena Mamprusi Nankana Bulsa Frafa Bimoba Kusasi Tampulma and soem smaller groups


Ethnic Groups Ghana WITH MAP


Muslim  Peoples Northern Soninke Jula Tuareg  North West Bolon Kurumba North East Songhai South Doghosie Komono

Fulbe [Nomadic Muslim]

Traditional Peoples Dogon in North West Bulsa and Gurenne on Ghana's border Senufo in South West  numerous small groups in the South


Ethnic Groups Burkina Faso MAP


The eight Muslim Peoples Kotokoli Anufo Akaselem Bago Akpe Anii Hausa Fulbe

Northern Traditional Peoples Nawdm Konkomba Taberma Sola Lokpa Mossi Bisa

Central and South Traditional Peoples Akebu Anyanga Adele Delo Kpessi


Ethnic Groups Togo


Muslim Peoples Anii Mokole   Urban Dyerma Hausa Mossi  Fulbe

Gbe Peoples include Fon and 19 other groups. Traditional Religion

Idacca in South Central Benin.Traditional


Ethnic Groups Benin 




Zarma [Djerma]

Kanuri five groups

Fulbe  Settled Sokoto Nomadic Wodaabe and Bororo


Tubu in the East [ Daza Teba]


Ethnic Groups Niger


168 unreached or inadequately reached Peoples

Southern Peoples Yoruba 25% Muslim   Niger Delta Peoples

Central along Niger river Nupe [M]  Traditional Kambari Gbari Yamma Dukawa Busa Kamuku  In Plateau State Traditional Mada  Traditional/Catholic Goemai and ingwe..60-70 less reached Peoples

North   Fulani  Hausa  Kanuri  Gwoza Hills 23 Peoples include Guduf Dughwede Marakam   Along Cameroon border 50 Peoples include Mumuye Chamba Bata Koma


Ethnic Groups Nigeria MAP works in Nigeria and Sudan also

Global Prayer Digest February 2013 Nigeria


More Unreached Peoples than any other African Country

Saharan Peoples in Northern deserts Tibesti Mountains and North shore of Lake Chad

Naba living between N'Djamena and Guera Mountains

Guera Mountains home of 19 peoples rapidly becoming Muslim

Ouaddi Peoples bordering Sudan Many languages no roads. 19 Peoples

Chari-Baguirmi. To their East along the Chari Rivera a medley of smaller Peoples


Mbororo Fulbe [Nomadic]


Ethnic Groups Chad Many Languages!


Ethnic Groups Map on BBC site  Q&A: Sudan's Darfur Conflict

Ethnic Groups of South Sudan

Global Prayer Digest Jan 2011- Darfur [ There is also Horn of Africa listed as Jan2011 u may have to look around on the website!]


Nuba Mountain Peoples

Darfur Province Peoples Fur Masalit Zaghawa Daju Tama Bideyat Midob Fulbe Hausa

Beia on Red Sea coast

Nubians of Nile Valley

Nomadic Baggara


Ethnic Groups Sudan


The peoples of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Northeast Kenya and Somalia have a total population of 100 million. The vast majority do not know Jesus. Pray Isaiah 9:2: ‘The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.’


Global Prayer Digest Feb 2014  Horn of Africa


The Muslim Somali [Dire Dawa] Harari and Afar regions in the East

The Oromo Peoples Aari Borana and Guji  in the East and the South


Ethnic Groups Ethiopia Includes Map


See Persecuted Church organisations. Release International have Eritrea Time To Act

Tigre including Jabarti

Afar and related Saho Peoples in the South East

Beja and Nara Peoples in North West

Arab Rashiada


Ethnic Groups Eritrea


Somali are all one group. Many live in the surrounding countries


Ethnic Groups Somalia MAP


Afars  also in Ethiopia and Eritrea




KENYA Some East Africa and South Africa

Pastoral Animist Peoples in North and West Turkana Sabaot Pokot Rendille Samburu Daasenach

Muslim Oromo in North East Borana Gabbra Njemps [Chamus] Garrah-Ajuran Oromo Orma Malakote Munyoyaya. Also the Boni Dahalo Sanye and Dorobo [hunter gatherers]

Coastal Swahili and Arabs

Somali in North East and Cities

Asians  Muslim Hindi Jain Parsee Sikh


Ethnic Groups Kenya MAP Another MAP


Global Prayer Digest January 2010 is on Tanzania

Zanzibar and Pemba

Coastal Muslims  Tanga: Digo Dhaiso Somali Pwani/Dar Es salaam: Zigula Kami Rufiji Ngendereko Lindi: Machinga Ndonde Ngindo

The Inland Peoples  Datooga Barabaig [Animist] Rangi Chasi [M]

Peoples of Mozambique Border Makonde and Yao [M]

South Asians  Hindu or Muslim


Ethnic Groups Tanzania


Yao [M]

The Gujarati and Tamil


Ethnic Groups Malawi MAP




Muslims are in Northern and Coastal provinces Yao and Swahili Peoples Makonde and Makua


Ethnic Groups Mozambique MAP


168 unreached or inadequately reached Peoples

Southern Peoples Yoruba 25% Muslim   Niger Delta Peoples

Central along Niger river Nupe [M]  Traditional Kambari Gbari Yamma Dukawa Busa Kamuku  In Plateau State Traditional Mada  Traditional/Catholic Goemai and ingwe..60-70 less reached Peoples

North   Fulani  Hausa  Kanuri  Gwoza Hills 23 Peoples include Guduf Dughwede Marakam   Along Cameroon border 50 Peoples include Mumuye Chamba Bata Koma


Ethnic Groups Nigeria MAP


Ethnic Groups [and voting 2011]

African Missions to unreached people groups include Calvary Ministries [Nigeria]  [associated with WEC Intl] and Christian Missionary Foundation [Nigeria]. Also there is a Christian Missionary Fellowship and a Nigeria Evangelical Fellowship. They are in the Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association. About Back To Jerusalem Have newsletters including Nigerian and African material including the problems of persecution in the North of Nigeria

Hausa info at

There are many unreached peoples in the countries of West and East Africa. For an introduction check Operation World.

There are many missions in the English speaking countries of Africa.

Prayer for North Nigeria see Persecuted Church section.

To look at the  large and small unreached groups in West and East Africa check: Welcome to Etnopedia Ethnic Profiles Loads of Maps Good for up to date reviews of Humanitarian Aid and abuse situations Excellent articles on all Muslim countries and some cities  Some Months dedicated to one country


Muslim presence and influence is increasing in East and South Africa. Pray that Christians will outreach to Muslims with this attitude ISLAM- I sincerely love all Muslims

Pray for the millions living in slum conditions and the many ill with HIV, without medicines. Pray that God's Spirit will prepare their hearts to understand and believe the Good News.

Pray for the continued development of Christian Radio in Africa and its huge influence for good SOUTHERN AFRICA

This is the map from  International Mission Board's site STANDING IN THE GAP for Unreached Peoples in Southern Africa. The site contains the content of the print prayer guide from IMB and this same map is interactive [click on able] on their site.




Many of the countries are placed above in West and East Africa section






Forgotten Peoples in Namibia and South Africa

Frontline Fellowship

MANI Movement for African National Initiatives


To look at the  large and small unreached groups in East Central and Southern Africa check: Welcome to Etnopedia Ethnic Profiles Loads of Maps Good for up to date reviews of Humanitarian Aid and abuse situations Excellent articles on all Muslim countries and some cities  Some Months dedicated to one country

From WEC INTERNATIONAL 1984. The orange areas [Christian Minority] in Namibia and Gabon are difficult to distinguish from the red areas of the Christian Muslim confront areas. The dark purple area in Sudan is the Nuba Hills people [part Christian].



Worst abuses of Christians are in Pakistan  Afghanistan  and Iran

Zoomable Maps of Indo European languages of Europe West Central Asia and the Subcontinent

Zoomable Map of Peoples of South Asia

Wikipedia Ethnic Groups

Ethnic Maps of individual countries Most but not all countries. World Atlas of Language Structures. Not complete list.

More maps at Click on library,region/continent for materials including maps.  


SOUTH ASIA [Muslims] [Hindu and Buddhist] Loads of Maps

Ethnic Groups of West Asia [Including Caucasus and Central Asia]

Large Detailed Map of Caucasus


Arab Levant

Turkic Asia 

Persian World

South Asia Muslim

South Asia Hindu and Buddhist

Prayer Guides from these organisations for Muslims in West Central and South Asia

Fellowship of Faith for the Muslims E-mail  FFM's branch in Canada is

30 Days' Prayer for the Muslim World is at

Frontiers USA site is  Trips to Central and South Asia.

IMB has  North Africa and Middle East and and Prayer requests for West and Central Asia


We are commanded to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  

The UK Saltshakers site run by a Jewish believer in Jesus [Steve Maltz who wrote the Bible games about the Easter week] working with a Gentile Christian has essays on the ownership of the land of Israel, apologetic essays on Messianic prophecy [excellent for faith strengthening Bible study] and info on praying for Israel. Also lists all the British sites outreaching to Jewish people where more info like this can be found. . Some of the sites are run by Jewish believers [Messianic Jews]. Steve Maltz has brought out [2003] a book The Land of Many Names..Towards a Christian understanding of the Middle East conflict. Gary M Burge has brought out another book Whose Land? Whose Promises? What Christians are not being told about Israel and the Palestinians [2003].

Site about Messianic Jews in Israel Click on Media review.

Also the USA intellectual apologetic site reaching out to Muslims lists in its links USA Messianic Jewish sites from which some info can be gleaned. There are an amazing number of Messianic Jewish sites in the USA [Messianic Jewish Alliance of Canada].

I assure Muslims that we Christians have a duty of care to them as well, and feel seriously disturbed by their troubles both in Israel and elsewhere.  On both sides the non combatants are suffering. It seems from reading in newspapers that the Palestinians view the building of Jewish settlements on the West Bank and the shooting of stone throwing young people as the main provocations while the Jewish people constantly fear invasion and annihilation.  Whatever is claimed as to whose land it is it is desperately necessary to remember no one owns any land, all of us are temporary residents in this world just as Abraham was, and we need to show kindness to our neighbour. Which the Torah commands [to treat the foreigner as one of yourselves]. As for Muslims, many feel the Quran can be interpreted to make efforts at peace while some feel war is advocated. Sadly I feel that if more care was shown to their people that they would soft pedal the war talk. Finally the Gospel [New Testament to us, Injil to Muslims] advocates non aggression and humanitarian aid in abundance with strenuous efforts to avoid conflict. We Christians have failed seriously. We must do better. Earnest frequent prayer plus whatever humanitarian aid we can give must supplement our Gospel message wherever we go with it.


Arab World ministries  Now

Arab World Media have a 2012 prayer initiative Ten Countries Twelve Months

Christians in the Middle East

Assyrian International News Agency

Musalahah Reconciliation Ministry


Gaza Crisis 2009


Palestinians. Also Palestinian Bible Society  UN's Site


Map of Religions in Syria

Syria's Diverse Minorities  Palestinian Bible Society



Arabian Peninsula   also on YOU TUBE see prayershorts

OM's Pray Through the Arabian Peninsula

[] [Windows International Network]

Pray4Yemen.  The Peoples of Yemen

Global Prayer Digest December 2009 is on Saudi Arabia

To look at the  large and small unreached groups in West Asia [Middle East] check: Welcome to Etnopedia Ethnic Profiles Loads of Maps Good for up to date reviews of Humanitarian Aid and abuse situations Excellent articles on all Muslim countries and some cities  Some Months dedicated to one country  December 2013  Arab World  December 2010,2011- Arab World   December 2009- Saudi Arabia  November 2010- Shiite Muslims



Turkic World Outreach  [USA]

Turkey again

Province Prayer Project

Turkish Outreach Sources


People International, also there is a partner site to People International at

IMB has  and   and

Azerbaijani Partnership

Global Prayer Digest September 2013 is on Azerjaiban  OM in W and Central Asia North American Central Asian Forum

November 2009 Global Prayer Digest is on Central Asia

Peoples of Turkey WEC INTERNATIONAL  1984



Brilliant Map


Elam ministries 

Prayer Guide

Pray For Iran Campaign 2006

2009 Prayer Guide from Elam

2013 site

Global Prayer Digest October 2013 is on Iran  November 2009- Central Asia November 2012- Central Asia

Some unreached People Groups

The Kurdish Peoples  in NW and NE Iran

The Turkic Azeri Khorasani and Turkmen in the North

The partly nomadic Luri Bakhtiari and the Turkic Qashqai in the Zagros Mountains

The Peoples in the South East Baluch and Brahui

The Gypsy communities


To look at the  large and small unreached groups in West Asia [Turkic and Persian] check: Welcome to Etnopedia Ethnic Profiles Loads of Maps Good for up to date reviews of Humanitarian Aid and abuse situations Excellent articles on all Muslim countries and some cities  Some Months dedicated to one country  November 2009 and 2012 is on Central Asia

Non Arab Muslims of Middle East and Central Asia Leslie Brierley WEC INTERNATIONAL 1984




There is a good map of the major ethnic groups of Afghanistan and Pakistan at Scroll down page to see map.

Afghanistan- Kabul and Hazara People Includes virtual prayer walk of Kabul Thanks to Web Evangelism Bulletin for this.

Asia Link features Saffron growing as a substitute for heroin culture and


British Pakistani Christians  also  and

Ethnic Groups of Pakistan

Languages of Pakistan closely parallel the Ethnic Groups

Provinces of Pakistan

Global Prayer Digest November 2011- Pakistan

In Pakistan 50% are illiterate 25% are in severe poverty with the resulting health problems and thousands have been killed in fighting with extremists. Pray that God's Spirit will prepare the hearts of the people to understand and believe the Good News. Pray for suitable Radio and TV programs to be available in Urdu and other Muslim languages of South Asia. Pray for the multiple people groups in Karachi to hear and believe the Good News as every people group in Pakistan can be found there- a door to the hard to reach peoples of the far north. Has good articles on Pakistan's cities.

MIK Lahore

New Christian Political Party

Some Unreached People Groups

The Panjabi and Sindhi Majority, Muslims

The Baluch and Brahui

The Pathan of North West Frontier

The Peoples of the far North 27 smaller groups Mostly Muslim as few Tibetan Buddhist

The Cities Karachi is restless and lawless


Talking Bibles have produced a book shaped recording of the Bible in Bengali for Bangladesh

October 2009 Global Prayer Digest is on Bangladesh

Prayer for Dhaka

Some Unreached People Groups

The Muslim Majority

The Hindu Minority

The Buddhist Chakma

The Animist Tribals

The Rohingya Muslims refugees from Myanmar


ASIA HARVEST [May 2010] says: If I could take you through the streets of large cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Hanoi, Kathmandu, Dhaka, Bangkok, Lhasa or Karachi, you would be overwhelmed by the poverty, mayhem, demonic oppression, and almost complete lack of knowledge of Jesus..After more than 20 years in Asia we are still overwhelmed when we visit such rural areas hundreds of millions of people continue to live in complete spiritual China 200 minority groups remain unreached, untold millions in the cities..Tibetans live trapped in demonic darkness, captive to powerful evil forces. Let's pray for a breakthrough for the kingdom of God!


Introduction to the Ethnic Groups of South Asia


Pray for  persecuted Indian Christians  and

Pray that God's Spirit will prepare the hearts of Hindus to turn from Idols to the living and true God and to believe the Good News

Pray for Indian Muslims including those in Kashmir numbering 4 million.Pray for Kashmiris to find peace in Jesus. check out this large site along with IMB's site where you will find a list off all the unreached groups in South Asia

IMB's SOUTH ASIA PRAYER GUIDE 2012  and their 30 Day Prayer Guide Impressive reminder of the need in South Asia

There are large Muslim People Groups

There are many large Hindu groups

There are smaller Buddhist Groups in the Himalayas

There are Tribal groups Hindu-Animist


See also Welcome to Etnopedia Ethnic Profiles

SOUTH ASIA [Muslims] [Hindu and Buddhist] Loads of Maps Good for up to date reviews of Humanitarian Aid and abuse situations Excellent articles on all Muslim countries and some cities  Some Months dedicated to one country Sikhs October 2011

OM India , Interserve [South Asia], Youth With A Mission . India Missions Association is an Indian organisation which has produced publications like 100 Unreached Megapeoples of India, a valuable prayer guide to India.  Free newsletter mailto:[email protected] India Church Growth Research Centre is at Post Box 710,1 3rd Street, Krishna Nagar T.V.K. Nagar, Chennai, India 600082.E-Mail [email protected] . FEBA Radio has a large South Asia interest. There is Gospel Recording Association India. [There is also a World Cassette Outreach of India, producing audio and video cassettes. World Cassette Outreach of India 90 Osborne Road Bangalore 560042 Karnataka India.] Also Jesus Film, associated with Campus Crusade, called Agape in UK. Wycliffe is associated with India Bible Translators.

Gospel for Asia [USA and India Based Large Mission] . Also see and  UK GFA.Supporting missionaries- see also also UK Worldshare.

AD2000's research in North India shows only 325 languages, not the 1600 once thought!   the  AD2000 and the languages and cities of North India

Evangelical Fellowship of India

Check the essays on to see the need for change in the Indian Church. The problem of caste. [From a very large USA database, worth a long browse]

Prayer for South Asia [IMB site]. Includes check for other groups on the IMB site. Downloads  IMB They have lots of good materials.They have several South Asia sites linked to their site. 

Prayer for Indian Muslim groups at

Pray for Gujarat large series of pics with prayer requests Excellent

Talking Bibles have produced a book shaped recording of the Bible in Bengali for Bangladesh

There are organisations like India Bible Translators [Wycliffe linked] Bible Society of India World Bible Translation Center India now and India Gospel Recordings Also World Cassette Outreach of India [partnered with AudioScriptureMinistries ] Now an organisation Indeos Foundation is doing the iYesu project to place the major Indian Bible languages on line Audio Scripture Ministries aims to distribute audio Bibles.Other missions include Indian Evangelical Mission, Friends Missionary Prayer Band ,  India Gospel Outreach India Evangelical Team Partners International Gospel for Asia Mission India Bibles For the World  India Partners focuses on aid

Global Prayer Digest August 2009 is about The Ganges and September about Orissa

Global Prayer Digest August 2010 is about Tibetan Buddhists of South Asia

Global Prayer Digest November 2013- Nepal, September 2012- Rajasthan October 2012- Bangladeshi Peoples August 2012 Telugu Peoples  September 2010- Sri Lanka  August 2009- Ganges  September 2009-Orissa  October 2009- Bangladesh  August 2010- Tibetan Buddhists in South Asia  October 2011- Sikhs  August 2011-Bania


PRAY FOR GUJARAT  Brilliant  YADAV  Some Indian Missions  YWAM

NEPAL International Nepal Fellowship

Global Prayer Digest  September 2011- Muslims in Nepal

The line divides the Tibetan Buddhists in the North from the Hindus in the South

Some Unreached People Groups

The Mountain Peoples are almost all Tibetan Buddhists



Interceding4sl Brilliant

To look at the  large and small unreached groups in South Asia check: Welcome to Etnopedia Ethnic Profiles

SOUTH ASIA [Muslims] [Hindu and Buddhist] Loads of Maps Good for up to date reviews of Humanitarian Aid and abuse situations Excellent articles on all Muslim countries and some cities  Some Months dedicated to one country



Worst abuses of Christians are in North Korea and Burma [includes abuse of Arakan Muslims]

General Map From

Zoomable maps of China and South East Asia [but not Indonesia].

Ethnic maps of most but not all countries  Includes Indonesia.

Zoomable Map of Peoples of China

Zoomable Map of Peoples of South East Asia

Wikipedia Ethnic Groups World Atlas of Language Structures. Not complete list.

More maps at Click on library,region/continent for materials including maps. 

EAST ASIA [Mainland] [Island Asia] Loads of Maps

Ethnic Groups of South East Asia  Asian Church Development  a SIM related Ministry

China Han and Minorities Buddhist and Muslim

South East Asia and Buddhist Countries surrounding China

Malaysia Indonesia Philippines

Organisations reaching East Asia include

Overseas Missionary Fellowship OMF has masses of stuff including prayer guides for China North Korea Laos Zhuang Hui Thailand's Muslims Malay Amdo Tibetans Taiwanese Japan Minority Peoples of China Pray for China Myanmar Bouyei Ogan Uyghurs Vietnam Burma Indonesia.However they go in and out of print.

Buddhist World  essays   also

More Buddhism essays  and

Asia Minorities Outreach [YWAM linked] is now Asia Harvest. Has several large prayer guides to China and South East Asia as books and on line  as well as 2 CDs Operation China and the Buddhist World   UK's Asia Link  also  Asian Outreach HQ in Hong Kong

World Outreach     and 

Global Prayer Digest June 2009 is about the tribes along the Mekong

Global Prayer Digest April 2013- North East Asia  July 2013-Qiangic Peoples China  July 2012- North East Asia

Pray that the many Buddhist and Buddhist-Animist small tribes of East Asia will be reached soon. 

IMB East Asian Peoples South East Asian Peoples and 

New Philippines Missionary Congress aims to adopt some least reached peoples


GOOD PROVINCE MAP AT Lists the Ethnic Groups in each province.



Wikipedia List of Ethnic Groups in China

Bigger Map at

Location of China's Christians [Map]  Very large site with profiles of hundreds of unreached peoples in China South East and Island Asia. Also cities of China.




Chinese Central Television English Speaking Channel 9 has brilliant programs on China on Satellite TV

Operation China and Peoples of the Buddhist World,  available from OMF Publishing and Pray For Us [Gateway-Open Doors with Brother Andrew]. CD available from Global Mapping Intl below. Asia Harvest have other prayer guides on Laos Vietnam China's Cities and Most Unreached Minorities.

Back to Jerusalem-Chinese Church and Missions Read The Heavenly Man [Monarch 2002]. Official Chinese Minorities Site Found by going to AOL and putting one of them in the Google search and then clicking the images tab. China nationalities

Chinaaid Helping the Church in China    China Partner  Bibles for China [USA Missions]

China Prayer Guide  Also more China Peoples on There are 2 Hong Kong ministries . Scroll the homepage down and English appears. And Pray For China Also a USA branch at Also Another China mission is Antioch Ministries/Chinese Church Support Ministries   Also Accelerating International Mission Strategies has East Asian people profiles. China Individual Peoples -sites come and go.. and Has a map showing distribution of Miao [Hmong] in China and South East Asia  also there is also at and

Pray for Christian Radio Programs to become available to the Minority Peoples in China along with Bible Translation.

The Muslim People Groups of China are the Hue Uyghur Salar Dongxiang Bonan Kazak Uzbek and Tatar  Pray that these unreached groups will be reached by Chinese believers and that God's Spirit will prepare their hearts to understand and believe the Good News.

Pray for the many tribes scattered over southern China also in the nearby South East Asian countries that the Christian Message will reach them all soon. They are mostly Buddhist-Animist and are often receptive to the Message.

The Heavenly Man [Monarch 2002] The Chinese Church and it's Mission Program-Back to Jerusalem. The Chinese Christian featured in the book has observed that the healthy churches in the West are the ones that have both a local and an overseas evangelism outreach. This is the purpose of the Church and doing this prevents fighting and unpleasantness and  obsession with material possessions.

New Back To Jerusalem by Paul Hattaway The story of Chinese Church's vision to complete the Great Commission 2003 Piquant  Peoples of the Buddhist World by Paul Hattaway 2004 from Piquant..also Operation China by Paul Hattaway. Also as CDs.

Uyghurs  Least Reached 31 Least Reached Minorities and Cities downloadable pdfs

Global Prayer Digest July 2010 is on China  July 2011 China's Miao Peoples

Global Prayer Digest July 2014 is on Zhuang Peoples

The above list shows the "official" Minorities. There are many more smaller groups and sub groups of the "official" Minorities.

Unreached Peoples of China

500 groups [Asia Harvest]

Minorities include

Tibetan Buddhist Peoples in the West

Muslim Peoples In the North West also the Hui widespread

Chinese religions/ Buddhist-Animist Peoples More in the Southern Provinces

The Masses of Chinese in the Cities


FEBC broadcast in Mongolian

Global Prayer Digest July 2009 is on Mongolia


See Persecuted Church section.

Book Eyes of the Tailless Animals  Prison Memoirs of a North Korean Woman from Release International

Korean Christian literature including Beginner's Korean language course from Han Books

Christian Solidarity Worldwide..has  Cry Freedom News and Prayer sheet


Singapore in SE Asia


Global Prayer Digest June 2012- South East Asia   Singapore-May 2013  Eastern Indonesia-June 2013 June 2009-Mekong   June 2010-Sumatra


Wikipedia Demographics

Wikipedia Burma Ethnic Groups

The Persecuted Minorities [From Wiki Burma Ethnic Groups]

Burma's States with list of Ethnic Groups in each State [From Wiki Burma Ethnic Groups]  Map From:

Burma prayer guide  

Info Mekong

Vision Beyond Borders 

Includes Prayer Guides on various topics and countries

Free Burma Rangers

Christian Freedom International

Christian Solidarity Worldwide has a Burma Prayer Guide Change for Burma

Christian Solidarity Worldwide's support of the Rohingya Muslims, where an organisation for supporting persecuted Christians is supporting persecuted Muslims. What drives the Rohingya to sea? Also

Rohingya are being reached by Partners Relief and Development UK  also

Unreached Groups include

The Burmese

The Shan

The small Buddist and Animist groups

The Rohingya in Arakan who are Muslim and heavily persecuted

The Karen are Christian and are heavily persecuted. Some have fled to Thailand where they are accommodated in camps


Muslims of South Thailand

Ethnic Groups of Thailand

 Unreached groups include

The Buddhist majority

The Malay Muslims in the South [and in Bangkok]

The dreadful sex industry enslaving millions of children and young women


Global Prayer Digest June 2011- Cambodia


220 Million people in 300 groups of more then 10,000 live on Mainland South East Asia from Myanmar to Vietnam and including Malaysia. More than half the groups are unreached. Pray for the reaching of these many small groups. Pray that God will open doors for them to be reached and that they will believe the Good News.

A 1970 Ethnic Atlas of Cambodia Laos and Vietnam is at and

Asia Harvest has profiles on peoples of Laos and Vietnam

Wikipedia  and

June 2011 Global Prayer Digest is on Cambodia

Laos a short summary of the Ethnic Groups

Map of Provinces of Laos with list of Ethnic Groups in each Province

Wikipedia has also a fine article on Laos its provinces and the Ethnic Groups in each Province

There is a super map showing all the Ethnic Minorities of Vietnam along with data at

Wikipedia comes up trumps as usual with Ethnic Groups of Vietnam, showing the alternate names which helps correlate Asia Harvest with Joshua

Vietnam Prayer Guide

There is a stunning South East Asia site at

OMF has Laos Prayer Guide In Lao! Shows Asia Harvest's 138 Unreached Peoples in Laos Shows some of the People Groups of Vietnam Ethnic Groups Ethnic Groups Vietnam's Ethnic Minorities

Unreached Peoples in Vietnam include

The Northern Vietnames

The Northern Minorities

The Muslim Cham and Buddhist Khmer in the Mekong delta

Unreached Peoples in Cambodia include

The Buddhist Majority

The Muslim Cham

The Tribal Peoples are only partly reached

Unreached Peoples in Laos

The Majority Lao

The many Northern and Southern tribal Peoples including the Tai speaking tribes

There is a complete list of profiles on


Operation Japan. William Carey Library.

Japan In Crisis Pray for a shaken nation. Includes city profiles. [Japan Aid]

Pray for Prefectures of Japan  mailto:[email protected]  Asian Church Development  Japan Tsunami Relief Fund

Unreached Peoples in Japan

A large part of the very homogeneous Japanese are really Unreached


Province MapFrom

Maps of Major Muslim Groups in Malaysia and Indonesia and South Philippines

Seen in Barnabasaid  Has full length download of Unreached People Groups of Indonesia


Global Prayer Digest June 2010 is about Sumatra

The Malay of South East Asia 30 Day Prayer Guide from OMF

 Muslims of South Thailand

Unreached Peoples in Malaysia include

The Malays

Orang Asli

In Sabah

The Muslim Peoples

Some Tribal groups

In Sarawak

The Muslim Peoples

Some Tribal Groups

In Indonesia

Sumatra  The Aceh  Minangkabau Malay Peoples The Muslim Peoples of Central and South Sumatra The Lampung Peoples

Java  Banten Banyumasan Osing Pasisir Kulon and Pasisir Lor   Sunda  Madura Jawa Tengger

Bali Hindus

West Nusa Tenggara  Sasak Sumbawa Bima

East Nusa Tenggara Need for Bible Translations


Banjar Malay People

Animists in interior


Bugis  Makassar Gorontalo

Need for Bible translation

Maluku Muslim Peoples

Irian Jaya  Need for Bible translation.

MAF is an essential mission here pray for their safety when flying


To look at the  large and small unreached groups in East Asia check:  

EAST ASIA [Mainland] [Island Asia] Loads of Maps Good for up to date reviews of Humanitarian Aid and abuse situations Excellent articles on all Muslim countries and some cities  Some Months dedicated to one country  Very large site with profiles of hundreds of unreached peoples in China South East and Island Asia. Also cities of China.


Get into aid as well as into evangelism to display the Spirit of Jesus to the world.  CHE guide    Downloadable Manuals  Downloadable Manuals Where there is no Doctor series

Prayer for the Poor and Suffering

Global Urban Development has a good magazine. The last issue is in 2008 but one is expected

Refugees   Also UN Refugee Agency

Calling Christian Women to reach women and much need so much opportunity to bring praise to our God!

Many missions combine evangelism with humanitarian aid. Many of the most affected areas are where Christians are persecuted. Humanitarian aid opens doors for the Gospel.

Pakistan Floods worst ever. China Floods worst ever. Horn of Africa Famine worst ever

Famines and Floods are serious problems. BBC Map showing areas at risk of famine CONCERN WORLDWIDE HUNGER MAP 2012

Tear Fund  Worldshare World Vision UK  Fifteen organisations are together in United Nations   

Christian Blind Mission Intl has reached a large number of the world's blind from cataract.

Jubilee Action For both abused children and persecuted Christians  Children at Risk  Childhope Pavement Project with Scripture Gift Mission, also a good links list  Russia  Love Russia  Some USA based organisations World Vision Resources  is the Child Sponsor site Food for the Hungry [The Evangelical Alliance Mission]   There is an organisation in Scotland with a similar name for homeless people The large USA organisation in Grand Rapids Mi is at

Pray for the voiceless, abused people

Several organisations and missions do sponsoring of children. One is Compassion UK Another is Pros and Cons of Sponsoring a child vs Group Sponsorship.

There are several organisations for street children. Action International Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking link to International Justice Mission. . There is a book by Andy Butler called Street Children.  is the World Vision Child Sponsor site. Also  Every Child Ministries [Africa]  Help Cure Now [Physically Disabled Children] [People Trafficking]  Abused Women

A brilliant article on People Trafficking has been prepared by a South American Christian at :

Some Christian Orphanages 

Novi Most International  Lightforce International  Smile International All 3 active in the Balkans. Partnering UK and Russian Churches 


Missionary Aviation Fellowship. Support Organisation

Sponsoring National workers is being tried by  and

Books are collected by Book Aid, helped by organisations like Christian Literature crusade and OM who take in books, and distributed in [mainly] Africa.

Well known secular organisations for abused people include Amnesty International, UNICEF Save the Children Fund and, Human Rights Watch [USA] . Also the Childrens' Society [UK] United Nations News on emergencies. List of relief organisations including the Christian ones. Also Anti-Slavery International

Organisations specialising in simple technologies for developing countries are Intermediate Technology [UK] Practical Action [UK] and [USA]. Working along with Tear Fund is Wateraid. Also at is featured in the Times newspaper. Water is a fundamental need worldwide. A USA Christian Water Mission is at  The main Christian and secular hunger relief and emergency aid organisations work together, often advertised as groups in newspapers. Also UN's World Food Programme. And World Health organisation Another growing area is micro credit schemes.  

There are organisations specialising in Urban, slum work. Servants to Asia's Poor [New Zealand and UK]  is one. The organisations for street children mentioned above are mostly Urban. I expect that databases of  Urban ministry organisations will emerge soon. An excellent overview of the Urban poor is the article from Lausanne Congress of World Evangelism, Thailand, 1980.Brilliant read. By the way, a quite different concept is Urban evangelisation, where it is recognised that the Church must expand in the great cities of [mainly] Asia where most of the population is, including the not poor. See Lausanne's essays at  The Plight of Slum Dwellers 

UN The Challenge of Slums-Global Report on Human Settlements 2003 Includes reports to 2011 and UN Development Report shows 2013

More organisations.. [Baptist Haiti Mission] [Women At Risk] Medical Teams International Guatemala Southern Baptist Aid Arm Worldwide Christian Schools Assists Indigenous Missions Every Child Ministries in Africa

As well as Operation Mobilisation's ships another organisation has ships In fact they have taken over YWAM's Anastasis Mercy Ship.

There are many NGOs..Google collects loads!



2014  Worldwatch List  New site from March 2013  replaces Compass Direct News

Part of aid is helping the Persecuted Church.

A downloadable world map showing the persecuting countries is at

Country Profiles at

Religious Liberty Commission  with Evangelical Alliance  also Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust with Baroness Cox

Open Doors. and Christian Solidarity Worldwide. Barnabas Fund. Keston Institute Also Agape Outreach [India] 15/11a Linwood Road Birmingham B21 9JG T/F 0121 554 5292. Also and and Korea Guide http://wheatmissionnk.orgThere is a new North Korea organisation Human Rights North Korea Also by subscription Compass Direct. .Open Doors USA has Women of The Way, aiming to support women in countries where Christians are persecuted. Also Christians In Crisis at .It has a good News section. Prisoner Alert with Voice of the Martyrs . Compass Direct now

Check out World Evangelical Fellowship .There is a Persecuted Church section with E-mail newsletter available. [International Day Of Prayer for the Persecuted Church].Release International is at They are asking for prayer for 7 years for the 7 worst countries. Another organisation  Christian Freedom International

World Evangelical Fellowship's annual report on persecuted Christians is at

Placing country name + government officials in AOL's search engine has produced a lot of interesting USA stuff. One item is a worldwide embassy list . Also [from Brigada]

China Aid Supports persecuted Christians in China

Bos News Life Christian News Agency



The map shows the three areas with the greatest remaining translation need. Five hundred languages in Africa, five hundred in South and East Asia and seven hundred and fifty in Island Asia.  2012 Scripture Access Statistics at Wycliffe Net:

HOW TO PRAY FOR THESE THREE AREAS   and Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project

There is a showing progress and remaining needs around the world

There is a site which will  collect every translation available for download to all platforms including mobile phones

Bible Societies and many missions do Bible translation. Wycliffe Bible Translators has Vision 2025-translating the remaining 2000 or so languages starting them all by 2025. Support organisation is . Also in the USA and  By the way, talking about translation two translation support organisations are and They specialise in linguistics the science of translation. Wycliffe does not have a large presence in South Asia mainly Africa and East Asia. Other partners are working in South Asia. For Wycliffe Overview see  For Wycliffe Africa see     New Tribes Mission [Tribal outreach and translation worldwide] and also specialise in small tribal languages.  The Seed Company does accelerated Bible Translation using  a crowd-sourcing website where readers are invited to suggest translations

An exciting organisation is Institute for Bible translation, Stockholm, translating languages of the former Soviet union. E-mail [email protected] .Web  and

UBS website is at showing the sites of the world's Bible Societies. International Bible Society[Now Biblica] is at  Biblica and World Bible Translation Centre specialise in Easy Read translations in large languages  now . Bible Translation Status Seen in Web Evangelism Bulletin.

Language Recordings Intl has Tailenders Project- Bible selections on cassette for the 1000 remaining groups under 10,000 people without any scriptures. The languages can be heard and downloaded at    they have launched Mobile Phone Bible also other formats Internet to come as well.  Many languages. Over 600.

Oral Scriptures

Find a Bible  Database of all available Bibles all formats

Bible Story Telling [Selections in chronological order]

Mission Frontiers Issue  35.6 [Nov/Dec 2013] is all about Storying

Scriptures In Use  Training Storytellers

Digital Bible Society

Book of Hope is now One Hope Net  The Hope Project

Parallel English Bible Translations  Now 45 languages  they are also going to include pictures and Ultimate Bible Pictures Collection [link from this site].

Christian Comics International

Audio and Visual resources for Mission at Vast number of languages

PHONE APPS  Now at,  Jesus Film site, Joshua 2 site, Bible Gateway com  and Biblica com

Jesus Film Media

Solar Powered Audio Bibles Other organisations include Faith Comes by Hearing and Language Recordings.


The 3 big Radio organisations have teamed up to broadcast in all languages of over 1 million speakers. FEBA Radio  and, HCJB Radio  to become and and, TWR Radio and  Also IBRA [Sweden] .The USA partner of FEBA is FEBC [Far East Broadcasting Company] which broadcasts to China and East Asia. There are, by the way, an impressive number of other Christian Radio organisations both large and small [local] but the focus here is on those without broadcasts as yet [10/40 Window languages, mainly Muslim World and China]. Also MERF Middle East Reformed Fellowship broadcasts in Muslim languages. Words Of Hope associated with HCJB. World by Radio



Satellite TV to Arab world and Iran- Arab World Ministries. http://www.sat7uk.orgArabic Turkish and Farsi. Also as a website  Azeri  and  Turkish broadcasts are supported by Worldshare    [ ]  Needed-broadcasts in South Asian Languages. Also Indonesia and Malaysia. And the Balkans.


Many missions. Operation Mobilisation . Every Home for Christ .Scripture Gift Mission Testament League Soon [mailing easy English Gospel newspaper overseas] . Suitable for individual to do at home. They also have a site on Web and CD Evangelism, including a list of good Christian web sites.  Easy Bibles

Also the Bible Societies, worthy of our continuing support. Another interesting organisation is .They also have an illustrated Mark's Gospel on line in English and 5 Indian languages at . Bibles for the World mail Bibles to addresses in phone books around the World The Bible Society of Ireland has pioneered the use of Megavoice, a hand held playback which is solar powered and can hold up to the whole Bible

Christian Literature Crusade has bookshops worldwide and administers Bookaid, to collect and supply second hand Christian books. .Bibles For The World Mailing Bibles to Addresses taken from Phone Books Dr Pudaite

More literature/church support organisations include SPCK Worldwide, Worldshare, World Outreach Intl, Asia Link .

Also Students reaching Students Bible Centred Ministries International focuses on Bible teaching by training teachers as well as teaching children world wide

New trend in Global Evangelism  about Jesus Film app and Mobile Phone evangelism


Agape [Campus Crusade for Christ] have developed Jesus Film International, to translate Jesus film into all languages of over 75,000 speakers and distribute videos or show films to all the target audience.  


South Africa Churches on line at

New Zealand DB of Asian Churches

Christianity CA is Canada's Evangelical Fellowship. Good News items in the various areas.

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students 

USA has Country Studies  Includes Ethnic Groups

Nations On Line Org

National Geographic Maps There are 4 maps showing people groups-China, Russia/Central Asia, India and S E Asia.

Global Mapping Intl. Maps of unreached peoples. . CD Peoples File of all 7000 unreached groups, with maps and details. World Vue-General maps of the unfinished task, on CD and on-line. GMI has a really exciting database includes and

World Missions Atlas Project is at  

Maps of every country on Go to resources, language/country list.

More maps..

Language families

Outline maps, editable

Capital Cities of Asia Also other Continents





SOUTH ASIA [Muslims] [Hindu and Buddhist]

EAST ASIA [Mainland] [Island Asia]




Zoomable map of Peoples of the Soviet Union

Ethnic group maps of most but not all countries.

Wikipedia Ethnic Groups World Atlas of Language Structures. Not complete list.

More maps at Click on library,region/continent for materials including maps.

Still more maps [from the links page on the old Bethany Profiles site]